Keruen Mall Outdoor Playground

Keruen mall, located near some of the prime areas for walking around town, has a brightly coloured plastic playground outside the main entry. From the mall, on a nice day you can easily walk a short way to one of the local landmarks through large pedestrian pathways to the Bayterek, or on sidewalks along the main roads  to nearby malls, such as Asia Park and Khan Shatyr.

The playground at Keruen is compact yet a nice place to sit and watch/play with the kids. Our 4.5 year old was happy running up and down and the little one (1 year) couldn’t quite make it up the ladder and was happy for a while underneath the playground. Once we helped her up she was delighted, but then we found it very hard to reach her and keep her from falling.

Key features of the playground:

  • tunnel slide
  • twisty slide
  • fast slide with bumps
  • easy to find
  • on a soft ground surface
  • benches on two sides for parents to sit in (a nice spot to have a little picnic while the kids play)

What would make it even more awesome: a smaller area for little kids 

Address: 9 Dostyk Street (Nurzhol), Left Bank


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